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Readings 1: Digital Photography and Social Networking

25 Jan

Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What?

In the years since social networking sites have been created, there have been many changes in how we, as a society, communicate. In Danah Boyd’s article, “Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What?”, she highlights how these changes have affected the way today’s youth commune and how they view themselves in this new digital world.

I’ve never met anyone through these social networking sites, but I met people through friends that I had already had seen the profile of. I wish I could say that their profile gave me a good representation of them, but that is far from the truth. I agree that the profile a person makes is a representation of how they envision themselves, but it is not always accurate. These sites are the perfect forum for people to show their creative side, but they are also a place in which people who can hide behind who they wish to be.

The fact that these social networking sites are not always accurate kind of defeats the purpose, but there is not a single a person I know that does not have their own facebook. It’s like people have become consumed with the events of other people’s lives, whether they are real or fake.

Friend Game

Bullying has become a huge issue in our society. Whether it is online or not, many young people have been driven to kill themselves or others. I think it is our culture that has influenced so many to feel like bullying is okay, or even that it is something everyone does, there are countless movies where it is just made into a joke. Whether someone is being bullied online or in person, the affects are the same.

Online bullying has an anonymity factor that in person does not. A bully online can hide behind whatever they profile or screen name they want. I think this empowers people who normally wouldn’t cause harm to others to step out of their comfort zone. Also online bullying can reach so many other people, there are people in different states and even in different countries that could read or see whatever information is posted.

Here I am Taking My Own Picture

It is because of inexpensive digital cameras and so many social networking sites that today so many people are taking self portraits. Every site asks for a ‘profile picture’ and so many people who probably normally would not even think to take a picture of themselves are reaching their arms in the air with the camera pointed at them or standing in front of their mirror trying to take a picture.

I think these self portraits can sometimes be interesting and even artistic depending on the way the picture is taken, but after a awhile it is has become sort of cliche to sit and snap photos of yourself all day long. Pictures of people in different places, doing different things, with different people are a lot more interesting and show who they are as a person.