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Readings 6: Digital Marketing and Viral Media

28 Feb

Youtube Ads Turn Videos Into Revenue

I’d much rather have advertisements play before the videos I actually want to see begin playing and have them pop up then have to pay for the clips and music I search for. While the ads are really annoying, the site overall is really convenient for finding videos of new songs, dances, news clips, and really a video about anything you can even imagine there to be a video made about!  Since all over the world people are constantly posting new videos, new accounts are being made, and millions of comments are being left, this site obviously takes a lot of upkeep. To maintain such a busy site there has to be professionals dealing with the tech problems as well as people dealing with the content. All these people have to be paid somehow and so it is really smart that Youtube would look to advertisements to make money. And while Youtube is competing with other video companies that do charge their viewers, Youtube is a step ahead in that more people view their site and so more advertising agencies are taking notice. No matter what, Youtube will always be the most popular video site because it is free and while the ads can be annoying, they are short and once they are over it is all about the videos.


Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites

No matter what website a person sifts through there seem to be ads everywhere! They have become an inescapable part of using the internet. But when the ads relate to what the site is or what a person searches for it takes it to another level. I definitely agree with the people who believe that targeted advertisement is evasive. It’s as if the internet, the portal in your very own home that you can sit in your feetie-pajamas and stumble through is judging you and cataloging your every click. Just because I’ve come across an article on an abundance of deer in the North East doesn’t mean that hunting and rifle advertisements apply to me. This concept may work wonders for the advertisers that are using it, but I think it is the consumer that gets taken advantage of.


For the Love of Google: Landing A Job With Search

Using advertising to get the attention of advertising agents is brilliant. He used exactly what skills and attention-getting creativity he would need for the job he wanted. Perhaps it was a little “stalkerish”, but I think sending a severed hand is just plain creepy and no one would want to hire someone they believed to be that corny. Brownstein was daring and innovative and lucky for him it was exactly what the people he targeted were looking for.

Since this article has been published has there been copycats trying to get hired through google?

Has google raised the price of their sponsored ads if it has become popular?


How the Old Spice Videos are Being Made

People used to complain about all the commercials on television and now they are sitting at their computers watching them for entertainment. I think this shows the evolution of the commercial from being just informative to something that people actually want to watch. What good is an advertisement if no one sees it? These catchy and entertaining commercials starring celebrities, athletes, or glorified reality stars make the commercials and advertisements the new water cooler conversations. And it is those conversations that are setting the creative wheels in motion for the next commercial.

Why don’t more businesses use  humor and well-known people in their advertisements?


Foursquare and MTV Team Up For 1st Ever Cause-Related STD Testing

I get that Foursquare is used by smart phone users and that “badges” are given when they do specific things, but I’m not really sure what Foursquare is and why people would even strive so hard to get these “badges”. Nonetheless it has teamed up with MTV for a noble cause. I think that especially in this generation where sex and drugs have been glorified from everything from music to lifetime movies, that sexually transmitted disease testing be encouraged. But it is especially strange that these two specific companies have joined forces, mainly because the idea of these badges seems like collecting Pokemon cards and hopefully young kids who do that aren’t worrying about STDs and MTV is an odd advocate because it airs shows like Jersey Shore and Skins where promiscuity is the norm. So while it is nice to see that action is being taken to educate and promote STD testing, it doesn’t seem fitting for Foursquare and MTV to be doing.

What is Foursquare?


M&T Session 5:

24 Feb

It is the year 3012, the Mayan calendar was wrong, the world didn’t end a thousand years ago but a lot has changed. Actually almost everything has changed. There is no more living on solid ground, the only places solid to step were created by man. Earth has become a planet covered by water and humans have taken to the sky to build their civilization.

In this new world there is a constant need for man power to run the machinery that keeps the electricity flowing and the cities afloat. At birth babies have chips of data containing all of the information that has ever been acquired inserted into their brains. They are then given a normal childhood to learn how to walk, talk, and use the bathroom. Once those three basic steps have been fully grasped the children are tested on what functions they are likely to succeed most at. The different options that a child could be picked for include: healthcare and advanced healthcare, construction, politics, music, art, philosophy, military, and science. Within each section there are many sub-sections, but most parents wish for their children to be apart of the science career track because that is where the money and recognition are.

In the science career the brightest are now working on building a space craft technological advanced enough to allow for the citizens of Earth to evacuate to another galaxy. It has become an urgent affair because within the next 10 years the sun will explode. Even with this impending doom, the citizens are confident, they already have ventured to all the other planets in the solar system (including Pluto, which in 2998 became a planet again!).

For the average person who isn’t destined to save the Earth’s population, the normal day in 3012 begins by being woken up by a person’s internal alarm clock (literally). They are then processed through a lay-down shower system and dressed in body suits appropriate for the weather. After cleaned and dressed they take a food tablet that fills them for the day and are internally tuned into the public station that broadcasts all the information necessary for the day. This information includes, the weather, the stock exchange, the height of the water, the newest animal closest to extinction, who is the most popular painter of the month, the favorite song of the day, and the world leader’s informative speech.

On earth these days there is just one leader. The leader is elected by the people, but can only be someone who has been pre-destined to be a leader. Not just anyone can be the leader of the world in 3012, this person (male or female) must also come from a family of leaders. Even though the population may be a staggering 1,045,678,594 that combination doesn’t happen often.

Everything in 3012 is much easier, no one needs to think outside the box except for the scientists, but this new world is missing diversity. Not just diverse races and ways of life, but also diverse ways of thinking. Everyone is just fed what they need to know, there are no questions about how the world has come to this hovering culture. Everyone eats the same thing, wears the same thing, speaks the same language, and only purchases the same necessary mundane things. There is no thirst for more, no thirst to be the next great mind. The future just becomes more and more technology driven and loses the heart and soul of the people that have created it.

M&T Session 4

17 Feb

“Media & Technology”

By definition, media is “the form and technology used to communicate information”. Technology is defined as, “the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose”. These two put together in short encompass communicating information using technology.


1. Audio

2. Video

3. Photos

4. Blogs

5. Social Networking Sites

6. Television

7. Newspapers

8. Magazines

9. Telephone

10. Radio


1. Tools

2. Light

3. Computers/Laptops

4. Television Set

5. Internet

6. Printing Press

7. Antennas

8. Cameras/Camcorders

9. Microphones

10. Telephones

The different types of media and technology are connected because the media uses the technology to display and distribute the information, images, and sound and created. Without the technology invented beforehand the media would not only have no way to be shared, but it also would not even be created.


M&T Session 3

17 Feb

“Identity  and Internet Social Networking IDs”

A person used to be able to have just one name online, the screenname. My Aol screenname was “sammychick120” and I created that when I was first allowed to use the internet at the ripe age of 10. Now that username is just kind of embarrassing and I have made it so that everything has been switched to the more mature “sp6790”, which is just my initials and my date of birth. A username is like the first impression people see so switching from the one I made when I was ten to the one I have now was a big deal at the time. People use these usernames, handles, and profile names to display who they want to be seen as before a picture is seen. The name shows a lot about who a person is and what they are using the internet for.

Back in the days of MySpace, the username went from a person’s first name, to a nickname, to absolute anything they wanted it to be. The name was the first identifier that would appear on the page and tell a viewer what the person is like. There were the “Mi$z Pr3ciOuS” kind of handles to the “jiffy-pop it!”, none of which made sense, but still did let a person see how the owner of the page they were looking at wanted to be seen. These days in the world of Facebook, the handle has went from a person’s first and last name to a person’s first and middle name. The most common reason for this is not to show personality, but to be unsearchable as they enter the world of searching for a job. No one wants their future boss to see them doing a kegstand after-all!

People are using handles, screennames, and e-mail addresses to project a bit of who they are, but now a days a lot of people are using multiple names. This is confusing to me, because I have only two e-mail addresses and they both are specific to me because of my initials or half of my last name. So when I am talking to or exchanging with people who are using multiple e-mails with no connectivity to themselves it makes you wonder what they are using them for. These names present who you are, but they can also present something you are not. They could be used to hide behind or perhaps portray a person they are not. Having multiple identities to some people is like having a whole second or third life! They can be the person they always wanted to be and not have to worry about being exposed.

Handles, screennames, and e-mail addresses are that first smile or handshake that cannot happen online. They create the first impression that a person can be remembered by and so can be created to show whatever person the user wants to be seen as. Handles, screennames, and e-mail addresses have become a person’s identity.

Readings 4: Here Comes Everybody: Crowds, Collaboration, and Dialog

13 Feb

Crowdsourcing Website:

99designs is a great website for logo and webpage designing. It hosts what you need and your requirements and lets thousands of designers try to work their magic and make it what you are looking for.

The Machine is Us/ing Us

This clip gives great insight into how we as a society, and as an individual affect the web. We create what information is out there and we shape how it is seen and searched for. I feel as though a lot of people look to put blame on the internet for changing privacy, ethics, family, commerce, etc., but the same people are the ones who search for a new recipe or google their favorite political leader. As bad as a reputation has, there is a not a person today who has not gained something from using it.

Clay Sharky on Love, Internet Style

It is interesting that these big companies used to not rely on the ‘community’ and now they have woken up to a world where the information supplied on the internet is vital. I didn’t quite understand the Japanese shrine metaphor, but I do understand that he is saying that business needs to now rely more on the public for direction and help then ever before.

What “love” was he really talking about?

Should we Trust the Wisdom of Crowds?

I see crowdsourcing as a benefit. It  lets people find what they are looking for while seeing many other options. Crowdsourcing opens a lot of doors for even small companies, it is letting people have many choices and giving even more people the opportunity to respond.

Do these big companies actually use the crowdsourced information?

Amazon Mechanical Turk

As important and genius computers are, they are only as smart and important as we make them. This article compares the basic human to the basic computer, a very interesting comparison. Humans and computers have become co-dependent, a computer cannot program itself and there are tasks that humans just cannot do without these machine counterparts. The fact that computers can now recognize people’s faces seems as though we are living with the Jetsons.

“You Need To Get Off Facebook”

8 Feb


6:10 may be too long for the attention spam of some, but it is totally worth it. After watching this video I seriously debated deleting my Facebook, but of course the lure of looking at everyone else’s personal life has me hooked!

Readings 3: Self Publishing & DIY

8 Feb

Keen vs. Weinberger

This argument between Andrew Keen and David Weinberger is all about Web 2.0. Mr. Keen believes that the internet is the death of all learning and knowledge, it is the end of truth. I was actually surprised that he didn’t compare it to the apocalypse, “the end is near, the internet is here!” seems like a statement right up his alley. While Keen trash talked the “nightmare” that is the internet, Mr. Weinberger went on to defend it as an open forum for the spread of ideas and facts. He believes the internet makes research easier and provides people who would have limited access to the vast information out there capable of being informed.

Now as much as Keen bashes the internet, I think he would be interested to know that his use of words such as “epistemological” actually made me turn to one of the very parts of the internet he hates, the search engine. Thanks to I now know he was talking about a branch of philosophy studying the nature of knowledge. Keen’s belief that the internet is making the world dumber can be disproved by that example, without the internet I would have never known what that word meant.

Weinberger sees the internet for what it is, it is a source for exchange and connection. The internet gives people access to the world and it also opens doors for them to express themselves and be apart of it. I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Weinberger when he calls the internet our “culture’s hope”, because now that we have it, there is no way that anyone could survive going back and so there is only to go forward and make it faster and vaster for the future generations.

So You Want to Be a Blog Star?

I could never see myself as being a ‘Blog Star’, what I think about isn’t even that interesting to me sometimes. Last semester I had a blog on and my friend said that one day she was bored and just google-ing people’s names and when that blog came up she loved reading all my class assignments, super strange because I know I didn’t love writing them all. This article definitely gives some useful tips on how to develop a blog into a hopeful success, but it has a lot to do with how much a person enjoys writing. I don’t think I would be able to type up anything without atleast some direction.

Why Blog? Reason No. 92: Book Deal

It is amazing that the new way for authors to become discovered is blogging. It seems like such a simple and mundane thing to do when feeling bored and now they are getting paid to put what they find amusing into a book. I’m actually a huge fan of and have stumbled onto some of the blogs named in this article, I’m actually guilty of reposting some of Mr. Lander’s posts on my friend’s facebook walls!

How many views does a blog need a day for it to be noticed by newspapers and the like?

Great Photo on Flickr? Getty Images Might Pay You For It

How do I get a job as an editor looking at Flickr all day long? That seems like the most fascinating job ever! It is awesome to think that doing something fun like taking pictures could actually earn a person some extra cash. I also like that Getty’s reason for using the photographers on Flickr is because they recognize that they aren’t professionals and so the images authentic, less editing, they are real.

Download This: You Tube Phenom Has a Big Secret

I’ve heard a few Marie Digby songs, but I never knew she was discovered off of the internet, that definitely affects her street-cred. When I think of musicians on Youtube I think of this guy… and Justin Beiber. But I do like the fact that she didn’t publicize that she was gaining fame on her Youtube site. That makes her seem like she actually just likes making music that people like to listen to and that makes her A-Okay.


When I think of Do It Yourself I’ve always thought about how HGTV shows middle-aged women makes headboards out of old fences, but  after reading all of the articles given this week it is obvious that since the internet that has all changed. People can now become famous by posting what they love doing, whether it be writing or singing, the internet is an open forum where people can find fame and do it themselves.

Assignment 3: Performing Identity

8 Feb

1. Vampire







2. Kid Rock






3. Shirley Temple







M&T Session 2

3 Feb

Media Technology Used Everyday:

Every single day I use my cellphone whether I am texting my friends to go get food or texting my mom to ask if she wants to take me shopping. I know my generation is quite obsessed, we text about everything instead of picking up the phone and making a phone call. The only person I do usually call is my boss, but even she sends me the occasional text message. When it comes to my phone I am in the dark about how much it costs because it is one of the only things my dad has still agreed to pay for. I also am a big television watcher which at school is somewhere in that ten thousand bill I pay to live here, but at least there is HBO. The internet is also a constant source of entertainment, whether I’m stumbling through or aimlessly meandering and commenting on Facebook, my laptop is always open and always connected.


Broad Terms That Are Taken For Granted

Technology- inventions & gadgets; forever growing and changing

Media- what one communicates through; newspaper, telephone, television, etc.

Information- knowledge; aids in understanding

Communications- speaking or writing; transmitting ideas

Science- study of facts

Art- beauty & style; found in every aspect of what we see, hear, and do

Culture- our lifestyles; what we fit our lives into


Most of these words are used in everyday conversation, but when asked to define them it was actually kind of difficult. Each word is so basic, but yes, they are taken for granted. For instance ‘art’, three letters that represent everything from the beauty of Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the technical grace of a Mac Book Air. These words each simple on their own encompass a greater value.


M&T Session 1

3 Feb

Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times 1

In the opening credits it reads: “‘Modern Times’ A story of industry, of individual enterprise – humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness” and two things came to my mind. The first being “aren’t Charlie Chaplin movies supposed to be humorous?” and the second, “the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ was extremely sad”. Well although this movie was quite humorous, the life in which this character had was extremely sad. He seemed to be apart of the machinery making more machinery, his job was endless cycle of the the same task repeated and repeated and even his break time was monitored. This eventually drove him mad (which would probably be how anyone would react to such a job). The “modern” condition is the advancement of technology. It is ever-changing, you buy a new laptop or phone and a month later they are practically out of date.

This changing and growing world we live in effects every job and career out there, but for my future career the fact that there is so much changing will greatly effect how I not only do my own job, but help the companies that I am consulting for.

Consumers Buying Gadgets

The new technology that is coming out is absolutely amazing! But the point about whether people have the money to pay for these new electronics is a good question to be raised. The reason given as to why consumers are still spending the little money they have on these gadgets to me is sort of absurd. In the report they believe that people are spending all this money on their own home entertainment systems to replace the cost of going out to the movies, but I have yet to see an affordable home system that could ever replace the movie theatre. I think people are buying these gadgets to outdo their peers, as juvenile as that may seem.

Facebook Allows Unique User URLS

Facebook for me is the only social networking site and so it is not bizarre for me to hear of them searching for ways in which to make a profit. Already my own Facebook is bombarded with tons of different web advertisements down the right side of the page, but obviously that isn’t doing enough. I’m sure with as many people using this site there needs to be more people working on keeping it running and so having these uniques user URLs is definitely going to be effective for the company.

OK’d Deal Makes ‘data-mining colossus’

I’m not quite sure what ‘double click’ is, but as it is explained as an advertising company the fact that Google now owns it is definitely a cause for worry. Google already has pages and pages of advertisements mixed in with each search and for them now to be able to tell which interest you is not good, especially for college students who are easily distracted.