Assignment 2: Photo Reviews

3 Feb

This first picture is of two teenage girls. They are both making ‘funny’ faces and sitting on a curb. I’m not sure which one the profile actually belonged to, which to me is sort of strange considering the profile picture is the picture that first represents who you are. That profile picture is like the first impression and everyone knows that the first impression is the lasting impression. Either way, both girls seem like they aren’t afraid to be goofy.


This second picture shows a girl on what looks to be her birthday, the background also suggests that she is in college. She looks very happy which is a good emotion to be displaying when showing yourself to the rest of the world. This girl looks like fun or atleast is ready to have fun, she seems like the movie cliche college girl ready to go out and get ‘wild’ for her birthday.




The third picture is of a girl and her dog on or around Christmas time. From this picture you can tell that she really loves her dog and is not afraid to show the rest of the world just how much she cares. She is probably the type of person that watches the dog shows on Animal Planet and one day hopes to breed hundreds of prize winning dogs. This photo was also definitely her Christmas card.







The fourth picture is of a boy and his guitar. His expression is goofy and so I gather that he is pretty carefree when it comes to what others think of him. His laid back outfit makes it seem as though he is just lounging around and in the mood for making music.




The final picture is of a woman not looking directly a the camera lens. I think she is consciously doing that to show off her wild but very professional makeup. Perhaps she is a makeup artist looking to get hired by models or photographers. She is probably one of those people who actually use Facebook to further themselves in their career. Or I could be totally wrong and she is just a woman who enjoys doing crazy makeup because everyday at her 9 to 5 job she has to keep things proper and simple.


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