M&T Session 1

3 Feb

Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times 1

In the opening credits it reads: “‘Modern Times’ A story of industry, of individual enterprise – humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness” and two things came to my mind. The first being “aren’t Charlie Chaplin movies supposed to be humorous?” and the second, “the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ was extremely sad”. Well although this movie was quite humorous, the life in which this character had was extremely sad. He seemed to be apart of the machinery making more machinery, his job was endless cycle of the the same task repeated and repeated and even his break time was monitored. This eventually drove him mad (which would probably be how anyone would react to such a job). The “modern” condition is the advancement of technology. It is ever-changing, you buy a new laptop or phone and a month later they are practically out of date.

This changing and growing world we live in effects every job and career out there, but for my future career the fact that there is so much changing will greatly effect how I not only do my own job, but help the companies that I am consulting for.

Consumers Buying Gadgets

The new technology that is coming out is absolutely amazing! But the point about whether people have the money to pay for these new electronics is a good question to be raised. The reason given as to why consumers are still spending the little money they have on these gadgets to me is sort of absurd. In the report they believe that people are spending all this money on their own home entertainment systems to replace the cost of going out to the movies, but I have yet to see an affordable home system that could ever replace the movie theatre. I think people are buying these gadgets to outdo their peers, as juvenile as that may seem.

Facebook Allows Unique User URLS

Facebook for me is the only social networking site and so it is not bizarre for me to hear of them searching for ways in which to make a profit. Already my own Facebook is bombarded with tons of different web advertisements down the right side of the page, but obviously that isn’t doing enough. I’m sure with as many people using this site there needs to be more people working on keeping it running and so having these uniques user URLs is definitely going to be effective for the company.

OK’d Deal Makes ‘data-mining colossus’

I’m not quite sure what ‘double click’ is, but as it is explained as an advertising company the fact that Google now owns it is definitely a cause for worry. Google already has pages and pages of advertisements mixed in with each search and for them now to be able to tell which interest you is not good, especially for college students who are easily distracted.



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