M&T Session 2

3 Feb

Media Technology Used Everyday:

Every single day I use my cellphone whether I am texting my friends to go get food or texting my mom to ask if she wants to take me shopping. I know my generation is quite obsessed, we text about everything instead of picking up the phone and making a phone call. The only person I do usually call is my boss, but even she sends me the occasional text message. When it comes to my phone I am in the dark about how much it costs because it is one of the only things my dad has still agreed to pay for. I also am a big television watcher which at school is somewhere in that ten thousand bill I pay to live here, but at least there is HBO. The internet is also a constant source of entertainment, whether I’m stumbling through stumbleupon.com or aimlessly meandering and commenting on Facebook, my laptop is always open and always connected.


Broad Terms That Are Taken For Granted

Technology- inventions & gadgets; forever growing and changing

Media- what one communicates through; newspaper, telephone, television, etc.

Information- knowledge; aids in understanding

Communications- speaking or writing; transmitting ideas

Science- study of facts

Art- beauty & style; found in every aspect of what we see, hear, and do

Culture- our lifestyles; what we fit our lives into


Most of these words are used in everyday conversation, but when asked to define them it was actually kind of difficult. Each word is so basic, but yes, they are taken for granted. For instance ‘art’, three letters that represent everything from the beauty of Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the technical grace of a Mac Book Air. These words each simple on their own encompass a greater value.



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