Readings 2: Networks & New Media

3 Feb

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

There are a million ways to find whatever small bit of information someone is looking for using the internet. Practically everyday there is a new search engine created in the hopes of making money like the popular Google and Yahoo. But these search engines disconnect people from the information they are searching for. There is no more thinking involved in the search, there is no need to comprehend what the information says or shows.  The internet has opened up the world and created a lot more opportunities to learn, but these opportunities have made it so simple that there is no reason to actually think. It has become a world of copy and paste. There is no understanding of how the information relates to what was searched for and the world around and therefore a lot of meaning itself is lost.

Do the people who are posting all this information make sure they are correct?

Net Neutrality

I have always seen the internet as a free source for information of all kinds. It wasn’t until college that I was introduced to sites like Jstore and such that are research sites that need to be paid for. When reading about net neutrality sites like that were what I thought it was only referring to, but further reading introduced me to the idea that certain sites were influenced by competing companies. It made me think of television networks such as Showtime and HBO and how my father always complains that they cost so much extra and wonder if he would pay however much extra for me to be able to use Facebook.


When one day I am looking for a job I hope that I have made my Facebook unsearchable to the outside world, there is nothing on it that I am embarrassed of, but that doesn’t mean I’d want future employers to judge me from it.  I like having a Facebook to stay connected to my friends and family back home and to talk to my new friends at school, but as a social networking site I do not believe it is a reputable source for employers to be hiring off of. The internet is however useful because it is technically like an open forum, people can post their resumes and what they would prospective employers to see.

Will all hirings be done one day through programs such as skype?


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