Readings 3: Self Publishing & DIY

8 Feb

Keen vs. Weinberger

This argument between Andrew Keen and David Weinberger is all about Web 2.0. Mr. Keen believes that the internet is the death of all learning and knowledge, it is the end of truth. I was actually surprised that he didn’t compare it to the apocalypse, “the end is near, the internet is here!” seems like a statement right up his alley. While Keen trash talked the “nightmare” that is the internet, Mr. Weinberger went on to defend it as an open forum for the spread of ideas and facts. He believes the internet makes research easier and provides people who would have limited access to the vast information out there capable of being informed.

Now as much as Keen bashes the internet, I think he would be interested to know that his use of words such as “epistemological” actually made me turn to one of the very parts of the internet he hates, the search engine. Thanks to I now know he was talking about a branch of philosophy studying the nature of knowledge. Keen’s belief that the internet is making the world dumber can be disproved by that example, without the internet I would have never known what that word meant.

Weinberger sees the internet for what it is, it is a source for exchange and connection. The internet gives people access to the world and it also opens doors for them to express themselves and be apart of it. I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Weinberger when he calls the internet our “culture’s hope”, because now that we have it, there is no way that anyone could survive going back and so there is only to go forward and make it faster and vaster for the future generations.

So You Want to Be a Blog Star?

I could never see myself as being a ‘Blog Star’, what I think about isn’t even that interesting to me sometimes. Last semester I had a blog on and my friend said that one day she was bored and just google-ing people’s names and when that blog came up she loved reading all my class assignments, super strange because I know I didn’t love writing them all. This article definitely gives some useful tips on how to develop a blog into a hopeful success, but it has a lot to do with how much a person enjoys writing. I don’t think I would be able to type up anything without atleast some direction.

Why Blog? Reason No. 92: Book Deal

It is amazing that the new way for authors to become discovered is blogging. It seems like such a simple and mundane thing to do when feeling bored and now they are getting paid to put what they find amusing into a book. I’m actually a huge fan of and have stumbled onto some of the blogs named in this article, I’m actually guilty of reposting some of Mr. Lander’s posts on my friend’s facebook walls!

How many views does a blog need a day for it to be noticed by newspapers and the like?

Great Photo on Flickr? Getty Images Might Pay You For It

How do I get a job as an editor looking at Flickr all day long? That seems like the most fascinating job ever! It is awesome to think that doing something fun like taking pictures could actually earn a person some extra cash. I also like that Getty’s reason for using the photographers on Flickr is because they recognize that they aren’t professionals and so the images authentic, less editing, they are real.

Download This: You Tube Phenom Has a Big Secret

I’ve heard a few Marie Digby songs, but I never knew she was discovered off of the internet, that definitely affects her street-cred. When I think of musicians on Youtube I think of this guy… and Justin Beiber. But I do like the fact that she didn’t publicize that she was gaining fame on her Youtube site. That makes her seem like she actually just likes making music that people like to listen to and that makes her A-Okay.


When I think of Do It Yourself I’ve always thought about how HGTV shows middle-aged women makes headboards out of old fences, but  after reading all of the articles given this week it is obvious that since the internet that has all changed. People can now become famous by posting what they love doing, whether it be writing or singing, the internet is an open forum where people can find fame and do it themselves.


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