Readings 4: Here Comes Everybody: Crowds, Collaboration, and Dialog

13 Feb

Crowdsourcing Website:

99designs is a great website for logo and webpage designing. It hosts what you need and your requirements and lets thousands of designers try to work their magic and make it what you are looking for.

The Machine is Us/ing Us

This clip gives great insight into how we as a society, and as an individual affect the web. We create what information is out there and we shape how it is seen and searched for. I feel as though a lot of people look to put blame on the internet for changing privacy, ethics, family, commerce, etc., but the same people are the ones who search for a new recipe or google their favorite political leader. As bad as a reputation has, there is a not a person today who has not gained something from using it.

Clay Sharky on Love, Internet Style

It is interesting that these big companies used to not rely on the ‘community’ and now they have woken up to a world where the information supplied on the internet is vital. I didn’t quite understand the Japanese shrine metaphor, but I do understand that he is saying that business needs to now rely more on the public for direction and help then ever before.

What “love” was he really talking about?

Should we Trust the Wisdom of Crowds?

I see crowdsourcing as a benefit. It  lets people find what they are looking for while seeing many other options. Crowdsourcing opens a lot of doors for even small companies, it is letting people have many choices and giving even more people the opportunity to respond.

Do these big companies actually use the crowdsourced information?

Amazon Mechanical Turk

As important and genius computers are, they are only as smart and important as we make them. This article compares the basic human to the basic computer, a very interesting comparison. Humans and computers have become co-dependent, a computer cannot program itself and there are tasks that humans just cannot do without these machine counterparts. The fact that computers can now recognize people’s faces seems as though we are living with the Jetsons.


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