M&T Session 4

17 Feb

“Media & Technology”

By definition, media is “the form and technology used to communicate information”. Technology is defined as, “the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose”. These two put together in short encompass communicating information using technology.


1. Audio

2. Video

3. Photos

4. Blogs

5. Social Networking Sites

6. Television

7. Newspapers

8. Magazines

9. Telephone

10. Radio


1. Tools

2. Light

3. Computers/Laptops

4. Television Set

5. Internet

6. Printing Press

7. Antennas

8. Cameras/Camcorders

9. Microphones

10. Telephones

The different types of media and technology are connected because the media uses the technology to display and distribute the information, images, and sound and created. Without the technology invented beforehand the media would not only have no way to be shared, but it also would not even be created.



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