M&T Session 5:

24 Feb

It is the year 3012, the Mayan calendar was wrong, the world didn’t end a thousand years ago but a lot has changed. Actually almost everything has changed. There is no more living on solid ground, the only places solid to step were created by man. Earth has become a planet covered by water and humans have taken to the sky to build their civilization.

In this new world there is a constant need for man power to run the machinery that keeps the electricity flowing and the cities afloat. At birth babies have chips of data containing all of the information that has ever been acquired inserted into their brains. They are then given a normal childhood to learn how to walk, talk, and use the bathroom. Once those three basic steps have been fully grasped the children are tested on what functions they are likely to succeed most at. The different options that a child could be picked for include: healthcare and advanced healthcare, construction, politics, music, art, philosophy, military, and science. Within each section there are many sub-sections, but most parents wish for their children to be apart of the science career track because that is where the money and recognition are.

In the science career the brightest are now working on building a space craft technological advanced enough to allow for the citizens of Earth to evacuate to another galaxy. It has become an urgent affair because within the next 10 years the sun will explode. Even with this impending doom, the citizens are confident, they already have ventured to all the other planets in the solar system (including Pluto, which in 2998 became a planet again!).

For the average person who isn’t destined to save the Earth’s population, the normal day in 3012 begins by being woken up by a person’s internal alarm clock (literally). They are then processed through a lay-down shower system and dressed in body suits appropriate for the weather. After cleaned and dressed they take a food tablet that fills them for the day and are internally tuned into the public station that broadcasts all the information necessary for the day. This information includes, the weather, the stock exchange, the height of the water, the newest animal closest to extinction, who is the most popular painter of the month, the favorite song of the day, and the world leader’s informative speech.

On earth these days there is just one leader. The leader is elected by the people, but can only be someone who has been pre-destined to be a leader. Not just anyone can be the leader of the world in 3012, this person (male or female) must also come from a family of leaders. Even though the population may be a staggering 1,045,678,594 that combination doesn’t happen often.

Everything in 3012 is much easier, no one needs to think outside the box except for the scientists, but this new world is missing diversity. Not just diverse races and ways of life, but also diverse ways of thinking. Everyone is just fed what they need to know, there are no questions about how the world has come to this hovering culture. Everyone eats the same thing, wears the same thing, speaks the same language, and only purchases the same necessary mundane things. There is no thirst for more, no thirst to be the next great mind. The future just becomes more and more technology driven and loses the heart and soul of the people that have created it.


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