Readings 6: Digital Marketing and Viral Media

28 Feb

Youtube Ads Turn Videos Into Revenue

I’d much rather have advertisements play before the videos I actually want to see begin playing and have them pop up then have to pay for the clips and music I search for. While the ads are really annoying, the site overall is really convenient for finding videos of new songs, dances, news clips, and really a video about anything you can even imagine there to be a video made about!  Since all over the world people are constantly posting new videos, new accounts are being made, and millions of comments are being left, this site obviously takes a lot of upkeep. To maintain such a busy site there has to be professionals dealing with the tech problems as well as people dealing with the content. All these people have to be paid somehow and so it is really smart that Youtube would look to advertisements to make money. And while Youtube is competing with other video companies that do charge their viewers, Youtube is a step ahead in that more people view their site and so more advertising agencies are taking notice. No matter what, Youtube will always be the most popular video site because it is free and while the ads can be annoying, they are short and once they are over it is all about the videos.


Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites

No matter what website a person sifts through there seem to be ads everywhere! They have become an inescapable part of using the internet. But when the ads relate to what the site is or what a person searches for it takes it to another level. I definitely agree with the people who believe that targeted advertisement is evasive. It’s as if the internet, the portal in your very own home that you can sit in your feetie-pajamas and stumble through is judging you and cataloging your every click. Just because I’ve come across an article on an abundance of deer in the North East doesn’t mean that hunting and rifle advertisements apply to me. This concept may work wonders for the advertisers that are using it, but I think it is the consumer that gets taken advantage of.


For the Love of Google: Landing A Job With Search

Using advertising to get the attention of advertising agents is brilliant. He used exactly what skills and attention-getting creativity he would need for the job he wanted. Perhaps it was a little “stalkerish”, but I think sending a severed hand is just plain creepy and no one would want to hire someone they believed to be that corny. Brownstein was daring and innovative and lucky for him it was exactly what the people he targeted were looking for.

Since this article has been published has there been copycats trying to get hired through google?

Has google raised the price of their sponsored ads if it has become popular?


How the Old Spice Videos are Being Made

People used to complain about all the commercials on television and now they are sitting at their computers watching them for entertainment. I think this shows the evolution of the commercial from being just informative to something that people actually want to watch. What good is an advertisement if no one sees it? These catchy and entertaining commercials starring celebrities, athletes, or glorified reality stars make the commercials and advertisements the new water cooler conversations. And it is those conversations that are setting the creative wheels in motion for the next commercial.

Why don’t more businesses use  humor and well-known people in their advertisements?


Foursquare and MTV Team Up For 1st Ever Cause-Related STD Testing

I get that Foursquare is used by smart phone users and that “badges” are given when they do specific things, but I’m not really sure what Foursquare is and why people would even strive so hard to get these “badges”. Nonetheless it has teamed up with MTV for a noble cause. I think that especially in this generation where sex and drugs have been glorified from everything from music to lifetime movies, that sexually transmitted disease testing be encouraged. But it is especially strange that these two specific companies have joined forces, mainly because the idea of these badges seems like collecting Pokemon cards and hopefully young kids who do that aren’t worrying about STDs and MTV is an odd advocate because it airs shows like Jersey Shore and Skins where promiscuity is the norm. So while it is nice to see that action is being taken to educate and promote STD testing, it doesn’t seem fitting for Foursquare and MTV to be doing.

What is Foursquare?


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