Assignment 6: Final Project Proposal

1 Mar


For my final project I have chosen the topic of advertising through social networking sites. Currently I am the administrator of Liquid Lightning at Ramapo College’s Facebook page (it’s an energy drink that I promote for) so I have gotten to see how these sites work, but not really if they work. So I have many questions in which I know need to be explored. For instance, does “liking” one of these product pages really influence a consumer? What are the benefits of advertising on these social networking sites? Are ad agencies taking advantage of using Facebook as a free outlet? Can’t companies (such as the one I work for) just run these pages internally? Would there be an advantage to having it controlled by an outside source? Are other social networking sites such as Myspace supporting product pages? I feel like all these questions lead me to research not only the effects of advertisement pages on social networking sites, but also how they are run and paid for.

Since I started out on Myspace in like 2008, I have always taken notice of the advertisements that surround each page, the ads have become pretty inescapable. But it is on Facebook with the creation of the “like” button that there are now pages of products, companies, and services that can be liked. Is this the new form of advertisement? Once a user “likes” the page they soon find that any updates made to that page will appear on their newsfeed, whether it’s a sale, new opening, or new product, anything and everything is now conveniently presented to them. It can almost be compared to guerrilla advertisement where the product is shoved into your face. Perhaps it helps the companies that use the service, but does Facebook itself gain any compensation? And does the creation of more and more product pages mean that the advertising is working?



Social Network Sites – Facebook, Myspace

Social Network Analysis – analyzing the effects and affects of social networking sites

Social Network Advertising

Social Media Targeting – sites taking advantage of the demographics they obtain on the person’s profile

Facebook Beacon Project – notifications that a “friend” has bought a specific product

Direct Advertising – banner ads

Individual Developers – SponsorPay, Adparlor, Offerpal

Indirect Advertising – creating ‘groups’ or ‘pages’

Fan Pages – have subscribers

Facebook’s “Liking”


Research Plan and Production Schedule/ Timeline

By the end of next week I am hoping to have gone through each of these possible source articles:

Using Social Networking Sites

Social Network Advertising and Marketing Outlook

Social Network Ad Spending

Advertising with Social Network Marketing

Advertising on Social Networks

Facebook Passed Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft in User Engagement

I also plan on finding more articles and going to the library to use the journals before Spring Break.

During Spring Break, I am looking to organize all that information obtained from those articles to put in my paper. I want to have the outline for the paper and the visual sources filled out completely by the time we come back from vacation.

In the following weeks it will be about actually writing the paper and if so, finding those last bit of visuals (i.e. videos/charts/pictures) that complete it.

Here are just some videos I found on my topic that I might use:

Social Network Business Tutorial: Social Network Advertising, Statistics, and Analysis

How Advertising Works on Facebook

The Social Network Advertising Problem



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