Readings 7: Suggestions, Recommendations, and Algorithmic Culture

7 Mar

Hitting It Off, Thanks to Algorithms of Love

I actually have a couple of friends who have tried the whole online dating thing. They each have come back with the same conclusions, it’s a waste of time and money. I don’t agree with them, because it must work for enough people for these sites to keep popping up. Relationships are starting whether friendships or actually couples, something must be working. But even if it is, internet dating sites are not the place for me personally. I don’t trust those “algorithms”, I’ve taken many, many math tests to find that no matter how well I have studied how to use the equation, you still need to know how to read the word problem to know where each part goes. In that case, I think that these sites may get all the right information, but they don’t know exactly where it goes. So I guess it really comes down to luck, and that is how it is for everyone else who is going out to find there soulmate.


Artifacts From the Future: Online Dating Site

I think having information about your partners genes and such is important when it comes to a couple who already in a commited relationship and starting a family, that information could save their unborn baby. But for the those people looking for love, I think they should stay away from everyone else’s gene pool. It is such a weird concept to me. It honestly almost seems like something extremists like Hilter would promote, ‘creating the perfect match’. Love is how a person connects with another person, not how their DNA connects.


Roommates Who Click

This sort of site makes more sense then trying to find your soulmate from your computer chair. Living with someone is a commitment with contracts and such, but thankfully there is People’s Court with Judge Judy to get anyone out of that situation. When I was filling out my housing information to live at Ramapo College years ago, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire with only like ten questions on it and they only ranged from, “what is your favorite type of music?” to “what is your favorite book?”. These questions hardly said enough about who I am. When I finally got the names of my future roommates in the weeks before move in day I immediately Googled them and tried to find them on Facebook. Only one of them actually had a Facebook (which of course made me think the other one, who didn’t have a Facebook, was socially awkward and enjoyed things like knitting cat sweaters), but the information I gained from Facebook was a lot more useful then anything the Ramapo survey could’ve given. So, I think that sites for roommates is a really good idea.


The Song Decoders

I like Pandora, it is a great way to listen to music I’ve never heard before by artists I love and never knew even existed! I am actually kind of music obsessed, my ipod has to always be filled with the latest and greatest music so I use a lot of sites, but Pandora and have easily become my favorite. Pandora because it plays more mainstream music that is in the same genre of whatever artist or song I search for and because it more obscure and created by regular people making playlists influenced by their moods.


Search Takes a Social Turn

Advertising is a extremely important part of business. As much as I hate the ads telling me about a sale that I would be taking advantage of if I wasn’t a poor college student, it is a great way for companies to reach out to their specific consumers. The actual concept of these businesses being able to access people’s likes and dislikes is intrusive, but at the same time can be considered convenient for the consumer and after all, a great business is centered around it’s customers.



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