Assignment 5: Remix Culture

10 Mar

RiP: A Remix Manifesto

I’ve known about Girl Talk for awhile now and have really always enjoyed what he jumbles together, it really puts a fresh spin on classic and popular songs. I never thought of what he does as breaking any copyright song because the pieces he uses are so small that sometimes they are even unrecognizable. The way he takes those tiny parts of each song and mutilates them into a completely different song is an art.

The style and genre of the music he makes is completely different from not only the rest of the new music out there, but even different from the songs his creation is made out of. The fact that copyright laws can be inflicted on him almost seems crazy to me. I could understand it if he was using the same beat or lyrics, but he changes so much about the original track and how he puts it all together.

It all comes down to the creators of those songs he uses not getting credit or compensation. Everyone is trying to accumulate as much money as they can and don’t stop to look at what they’re effecting by doing that. The people who sue artists like Girl Talk are other creative minds. I guess it is like a never ending cycle, one day even Girl Talk will be the plantiff.

I think I could understand the big copyright blunder if the actual song was being reproduced by Girl Talk. But because Girl Talk uses only parts and changes them and  mixes them it really seems as though any part of the original song is almost non-existent.



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