Open Source Software

10 Mar

Open Source Software is computer software that can be edited by other parties without them worrying about it being considered copyright infringement. In other words, a company licenses out their software to be used, studied, manipulated, and even sold by other parties. This software protects outside sources from copyright infringement punishments and still lets the original owners benefit from whatever changes or distributions made. It is kind of like a win-win situation for both the company that owns the program and the users that use the program. Interestingly enough, open source software is in a way like free software. Even though many will argue that nothing is free anymore, this really appears to be. The owners of the program benefit from the spread and changes of their program.

Mozilla Firefox is an open source software. It is an internet browser that has had many adjustments to it for it to be considered one of the best in that it has a lot more options then other browsers. These enhancements are the work of the people who use the software. So the people are making the changes that they want and need. Other browsers that aren’t so popular like Safari which is owned and operated by Apple.


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