Readings 5: Copyright and Creativity

10 Mar

Copyright, Collage, and Creativity

I think all creativity comes from taking from what is around. Did the creator of the piano sue Beethoven? The world, although not always cohesive, has a flow. We as humans learn from doing and experimenting. So taking words or phrases from one piece of work and mixing it with another isn’t stealing, it’s adding. It’s opening our eyes to a different aspect that wasn’t seen the first time around. To some an improvement and to others second rate, but in any case… it is something different.

Recently there have been a lot of programs and efficiencies that have revolutionized how and how cheaply everything can be copied, distributed, and modified. With all these programs there of course has been more reproduction and more argument over what really is copyrighted and what is just creative. Honestly, if people weren’t so worried about how much money they were making they would realize that imitation is the best form of flattery.

The Generational Divide in Copyright Morality

I cannot lie and say I’ve never used Limewire or any other site that let’s me download music and movies for free, but I do always feel about it after. It’s like creating a masterpiece and not getting any recognition or payment for it. But at the same time, who wants to pay $25 for a CD when they really only want the one song? Itunes and other sites that provide pay-per-song also begin to add up very quickly. So if you aren’t getting caught does that make it okay? Thinking about all the people who worked hard to produce that tidbit of media makes you wonder if saving yourself the $.99 is really fair. How would these ‘artists’ get paid if no one buys what they are recording? When it is asked if it is morally correct the obvious answer (unfortunately) is no.

In Defense of Piracy

I’m in awe of the reaction over sharing a few seconds of this video. $150,000 is absolutely ridiculous. It’s obvious that the way in which media is shared has to be changed. There is way too much confusion and since there is no set punishment or really even law it just keeps getting more and more out of hand. This article is not only interesting in that it brings up such an extreme case, but it always gives suggestions to the issues. The way media is being shared right now obviously has to change.


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