Readings 8: Privacy, Surveillance, & Exhibitionism

21 Mar

On the Record, All the Time

I wish I had a machine recording my life at all time. You’d never have to worry about forgetting anything and would be able to relive the good times over and over again. Life logging would be a great way to see how you age and how your body changes, the health logging open so many doors for scientists researching antidotes and doctors seeking diagnoses.

There are so many benefits to it, but there are also a lot of drawbacks. It is creepy to think that a person really has no alone time, there would always be a lens watching… very “big brother”-like. Also, life logging would definitely change the way people act, what they say, and do because they’d be haunted by the idea of that moment being forever captured on film. That aspect would come in handy to end homicide, but it also might stifle creative and free-thinking. I guess it would just come down to how it is being used and by whom.

Jennifer Ringley,, & Socialcam Launch

Jennifer Ringley makes me uncomfortable. I do not want to see the daily routines and such of an average person, it’d be like watching myself and that would actually be quite boring. Also the idea that absolutely anyone could be watching is positively creepy! Who knows who they are or what they are doing, it is just such an awkward concept. The only cool part about it is the fact that it is unedited, while chooses what he wants his audience to see. I definitely would love the idea of having so many people care about what I’m saying and doing, but I think I’d hate the idea of it being all strangers and having it published on such an open forum.

The Web Means the End of Forgetting

This article just goes to prove that privacy settings on social networking sites are VERY important. Poor Stacey only posted a picture that she wanted to share with friends and unfortunately it was seen by people outside of that circle. But I disagree that she is held to a different standard because of her profession. She is of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages and as long as she isn’t drinking while in the presence of her students it is perfectly fine. It is her own free time and unless she is on the clock should not be punished at her job.

Quiz: What do Facebook Quizes Really Know About You?

When I first made my Facebook I went kind of crazy with doing all of the quizes, I guess I just lived a boring life. But as soon as I started applying for colleges my parents went crazy and gave a speech or two everyday about how colleges would be looking on the internet before accepting me. So what did I do? Googled myself! Upon googling I found that the first websites to pop up were that of my Facebook quizes. I knew right then and there that I had to delete those because there is no need for strangers to know that my favorite color is blue and favorite season is Fall. This article just reiterated and set in stone the lesson I had already learned, nothing is private on the internet.


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