Readings 9: Mobile Devices

27 Mar

Always On/Always On You

Last week I got my first smart phone, the iPhone 4 and since that day I have yet to put it down. I am now checking my e-mail every five seconds and refreshing my Facebook newsfeed constantly. I am hoping that soon the excitement of having access to the world in the palm of my hand will die down, but I look around at my peers and I don’t see that happening. With this technology a person is always connected, but it brings about the question about how connected we then are to the people around us. My dad has always commented on how my friends and I will be ‘hanging out’ and all be on our phones texting someone who is not there. I always thought it was just the old man complaining about how we weren’t listening to him, but he does raise an interesting point about how seperate we really were.

Is this constant connection really good for our relationships?

China Deputizes Smart Phones to Spy on Residents

I am not the person to discuss current affairs with, but I do know that although China is thriving economically it’s people have always been suffering. They not only have severe censorship, but now they are being watched like fish in a fish bowl. China should stop trying to pry into their citizens lives to stop the government from being overthrown and actually work on making it a government that the people respect. The country seems to be getting closer and closer to George Orwell’s 1984.

Your Apps Are Watching You

This is terrifying. When I first got my smart phone I was tapping away, downloading anything free and whatever looked interesting, it is scary to think that by me just playing around to see how things work there is a whole profile of who I am being made. I can see how this would benefit advertisers and other apps that are like the ones previously downloaded, but it is an invasion of privacy. If I wanted the world to know what apps I had on my iPhone I’d Tweet about it!

How do they gather such specific information from just downloading an app?

Multitasking Can Make You Lose … Um … Focus

There is not a hour in the day that goes by where I am not doing more then two things at once. I am a full time student have a full time and part time job and honestly when I’m not working or doing homework or sleeping I am still doing multiple tasks at once. Our society has become overwhelmed with the notion of instant gratification and we have to be ready and willing to get what we need done and move onto the next. I do understand that quality is sometimes lost, but at the same the time there are so many new technologies that aid in this multi-tasking lifestyle that it has become quicker and easier.

Videos: Driven to Distraction & Texting While Driving

The “Driven to Distraction” video was interesting because I had no idea people could essentially be so reckless and not even realize it. I am a nervous driver, always have two hands on the wheel, and I could never imagine not having my eyes and full attention on the road. I guess it has a lot to do with the amount of people I know who have been affected by reckless driving which is why watching “Texting While Driving” was rough. Last summer a close friend of mine died because she was texting and swerved into on coming traffic. It is such a dumb reason to lose such a precious life. People need to understand that operating a car is a serious action and it shouldn’t be taken so lightly.


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