Readings 10: Technology and the Body

3 Apr

A Soft Spot for Circuitry

Like many young adults my age, I had a Tomagotchi pet when I was growing up and though it might be embarrasssing to admit, that tiny computer chip surrounded by bright blue plastic was the little love of my life. Using that interaction between robots and people is being able to create a friend for the lonely. It is amazing that the elderly could find such comfort from the cooing seal and I think that those positives outway any of the negatives. Having that technology and not using it to help the less fortunate would be cruel.

Is This Man Cheating On His Wife?

He is cheating on his wife. There is no way that he isn’t actually, it might be just a game, but they are sharing intimate moments and conversations. He met his real wife online, so what is the difference between meeting his virtual wife? I think people take these virtual reality games too seriously, but after reading this article I am definitely excited to create my own SecondLife account for experiential hours.

You Are Cyborg, Better Vision, With an Implanted Telescope, Filmaker Plans to Shoot With Tiny Camera in Eye, & Wearable Computing/6th Sense

All these articles to me are just saying how one day we will all be like the superheros we dreamed of being as youngsters. Humans are going to all be Cyborgs that have injectors, proccessing, etc. that all make it so we would live forever and be able to accomplish many tasks so out of reach. With these fake bionic parts there would be drastic changes. I actually just find it all scary. I love that technology is constantly advancing, but I also like the idea that the human body is natural.

Twitter Telepathy: Researchers Turn Thoughts into Tweets

I am a big fan of the television show “House” and this article made me think of an episode where a father suffers brain damage and can only comunnicate through blinking. This technology would have been super useful in not only the patient’s diagnosis, but even making sure the patient was comfortable and letting him talk to his family. I think it strange to think that this technology is so closely linked with Twitter because I feel as though Twitter is hardly the most important program or forum to have opinions expressed.

Digital Nation

It is amazing to see such an old woman, so disconnected from the internet become such an advocate for it. She is the grandma so many people are missing and yet has become excessible. The games that people are now living through seem to have consumed a lot of people’s lives. The fact that they all meet in person to sit on the computer and communicate is scary. The virtual worlds are changing the real world. I disagree that more technology will connect us personally, though we are all on the internet, there is no real connection. Using virtual reality to make these fake virtual worlds more believable is a mistake to me. But that technology being used to help our soldiers is a lot more worth while. I honestly think that this technology used to help pepople is amazing, it is just using it for frivolous factors that deters me.


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