Readings 11: Photography & Lying

28 Apr

Picturing Texts & I Was There. Just Ask Photoshop

I’m guilty of editing my own photographs, but to an extent. I usually just get rid of red eye, brighten the photo, and maybe once or twice have made a blemish disappear, but I just don’t understand editing a photo to make it completely different. When I look at a photograph I am looking at to see what a person looks like, not how society believes they should look or how they wish to look. It is like a lie published to the world. It isn’t only done in pictures anymore either, now in motion pictures can actors and actresses and sets and props all be changed. Makes a person really question what exactly they are looking at. I think people’s judgment on what should be edited has become blurred.

Picture Perfect & France Mulls Health Warning for Fashion Photos

I’m not exactly proud of the fact that I get the magazine Cosmo delivered to my house every month and read it religiously and occasionally pick up Glamour in the check out line, but they are entertaining. I look at the celebrities on the cover and am envious of what they’re wearing or how perfect their hair is and I’m 21 years-old. Imagine how a sixteen year old girl looks at these images. What is worse is that inside these magazines there is always an article with some sort of message saying how every woman should be proud of who they are and what they look like. Don’t write that a size 20 is beautiful and then not picture anyone in the magazine bigger then a size 2. There have been so many surveys and such with results that show that these too-skinny-to-breathe models (or how they are edited to look) affect how the average person looks at themselves. That being known it is truly despicable that magazines and advertisements still present skinny woman as the most desirable. Obviously though, as long as the magazines are being bought off the shelf the images will remain. Makes me really consider canceling my subscription! I think the idea that France has taken any sort of interest in warning their citizens of photo manipulation is awesome. Though who really knows if it will pass because people are so set on skinny being the it size, France is the capital of the fashion world. If there is going to be a change in the way people look at the fashionable weight and size, France is the place to start.

Adbusting Britney & Photoshop Forensics: Victoria’s Secret

It is great to see that instead of staring at photos of these perfect bodied celebrities people are taking the time to see just how manipulated their photos really are. The advertisement in Berlin is great just because it really makes you think just how edited all of those pictures are. I’ve seen Christina Aguilera in person and trust me, her eyes are not that blue. The article showing how edited the Victoria Secret advertisement is is amazing! I love that there are so many tests that can be done to see exactly what the picture originally looked like, really makes me want to go experiment with all of their pictures because I’m convinced that no one is that perfect and a little bitter about the fact that they can appear to be.

No boo boos or cow licks

Every school picture my mom has of me since I in first grade up until fifth grade I have some sort of scrape or cut on my face and honestly I think it is the funniest thing and I absolutely love hearing and trying to remember what it is from. A picture captures who you are and what you look like at that moment, why would anyone want that to be edited? For my senior pictures, the company in which took our pictures photoshopped every single image. I hated it. I have like three beauty marks on my face that I don’t love, or hate, or really have an opinion about, but them not being there made me so angry. I felt like it wasn’t me in the picture. I don’t see why any parent would want their child to be photoshopped.


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