Readings 12: Narrative

28 Apr

Tone Language

I think there are days where I text more than I actually speak. It is strange to think how much our society has grown dependent on texting, even my parents have learned how to do it because they say it is necessary for communicating. To be able to actually write a book through text messages is something that I never even could conceive to be possible. But after reading the article it does seem like an easier route then sitting on the computer and devoting more than half your day to straight typing. Really makes you think about what will be the next new form of publishing.

“We Tell Stories” Project & “Your Place and Mine”

After just reading about what the “We Tell Stories” project was I was really excited to read the rest. It’s like an interactive mystery! Reading the story was interesting, going back and forth between the columns and seeing the time pass by. The perspective of each character is a lot more noticeable with it written this way. Almost like two stories at once? I can honestly say that I really enjoyed reading it.

The Future of Publishing

I honestly hate reading off of the computer and I tried using an iPad once and it just made my eyes hurt. I love being able to sit comfortable in a big chair, in a quiet room, and open up a book. Preferably an old book that smells like a musty library or like it has been damaged by water. For me at least, it makes the experience of reading more engaging. There are no pop-ups, no one is instant messaging me, and I’m not getting any Facebook notifications. Publishing can’t die. So when this video went in reverse I was in love.


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