Readings 13: Virtual Reality & Gaming

29 Apr

Play the Game: Grand Theft Desire

When I was in high school I used to babysit two young boys, about 7 and 12 and they were obsessed with Grand Theft Auto. They would shoot people, steal their money, and run away from the cops. Why was this game ever even made? The whole thing was just violent. They would show me how instead of shooting to kill a person and take their money they could switch weapons to a baseball bat. Whenever I watched them, I would take that game and hide it. It bothered me to watch such young kids have fun doing such horrible things. They would tell me it was fake and that they knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t be apart of showing them exactly what kind of person they should never ever aspire to be.

Ridiculous Life Lessons from New Girl Games

What in the world are we exposing today’s youth to? But then again, when I was little I was obsessed with Barbie. She had the perfect body and hair, her makeup never smudged, her boyfriend was the best looking man in the world, and her house and car were pink. Not really the best role model. But I think the difference between holding the actual doll in my hands and watching it move on a screen is that with the doll and nothing extra I could make her be anywhere, doing anything, and being anyone. There were no goals or challenges, just me and my Barbie. I think with a lot of these new games the imagination that makes growing up creative and fun is smothered.

With Kinect Controller, Hackers Take Liberties

This article made me think back to when we read about copyright and creative license. I don’t think it is right that people are taking the Kinect Controller and making it into other more advanced products. But it is interesting to read about how these people could be so inspired by one piece of technology that it propels them into creating another.

3D Avatars Could Put You in Two Places at Once

On Second Life my group and I created our own avatars and we followed each other all around to all the different worlds and as we passes other avatars it was interesting and really weird to be able to listen and see what in-depth conversations they were having. It’s all about connection really and while these avatars may connect a person virtually, it isn’t the same as being in person. I think avatars can be useful, but when we already have things like live chats it kind of seems pointless. I would never be able to trust that a person is doing what they should be through an avatar. Avatars aren’t for me.

Viral Hunting

This is outrageous. If you honestly want to hunt deer in Texas, get on a plane, get a license, and go hunt deer in Texas.The fact that people are trying to make killing over the internet purchasable and legal is ridiculous. How do you prove that the person controlling the mouse is actually licensed? How do you prove that they are even the person they say they are? There are too many questions that go along with this viral hunting.

Virtual Iraq and PTSD

We’ve had to watch other videos on this subject and every time I just believe that is a helpful and great thing. These men and women have risked their lives for our country and so anything that can help them sleep easier at night is amazing in my book. The fact that such a technology has been creative gives me hope that every advancement being made can have a positive effect on our society.

Gaming Can Make a Better World

I don’t necessarily know if gaming will ever actually make the world a better place, but it’s nice to hear that there is some possibility. It does make sense that there are aspects of certain games that can teach a person how to aspire for success and strengthen concentration. I feel as though with everything there is a good and bad though. Gaming may be teaching kids that there are obstacles that they can’t skip or go around, but these games aren’t getting them active or making them want to go out and make real relationships with  the real people around them. I will always have my doubts when it comes to the positives of gaming.


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