The Economic Outlook of Media

6 Sep

Comic Strips

Comic strips have grown and thrived in printed news papers for hundreds of years, but with the popularity of the online newspapers their circulation has dwindled. In the past comic strip artists have been able to live off of their earnings for producing their artwork to be published multiple times a week, but now that is no longer an option. Young people with dreams of becoming paid comic strip artists need to revaluate their career choice.


Facebook: Unique URLS

Social networking sites have always been free ways to reach friends and family, but now even they are being looked into for making a profit. The new way in which Facebook plans on making a profit is by charging people to create their personalized URL. The URL would be a way to access a person’s profile page quick and easy. These URLs are going to make advertising a lot more specific and effective.


Summer Box Office

There has been a correlation between the box office ticket sales and the recession. The better the economy, the better all the frivolous activities do as well. If your career is in the movie industry the economy is definitely a factor in which needs to be accounted for.


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