Advertising & Branding

25 Oct

Advertisements are EVERYWHERE. When you wake up in the morning and read the paper they are there, turn on the T.V. and you are bombarded, and even walking through campus to class there are flags on the light posts exclaiming that Ramapo College is “Pushing Forward”. Advertisements are meant to inspire the consumer to BUY BUY BUY. They are strategically placed, worded, and distributed so that the key consumer pays attention and is convinced that whatever it is a product or service that they need. Right now all I want is a new car so every advertisement that shows a shiny white convertible BMW is enough to make me drool. That is good advertising, making the consumer hunger for the product. But if I wasn’t in the market for a car I would care less about these ads, this is why they have to be so wide spread, to reach the small demographics of the people most interested.


Branding is making a product or service a household name. It is instilling trust and value on a product that a consumer believes in. When a product fails it is up to the brand to make it up to the consumer or else fear that all of their sales will drop because the brand encompasses everything they produce. Unlike advertising the brand isn’t searching out new consumers, it is trying to hold onto the ones it already has.


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