25 Oct


I used to be worse than the T.V. kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but these days I barely watch any television. It has come to the point where I only watch two shows: True Blood and American Horror Story. If the T.V. is on in my house it is just for the background noise because really it is nothing but silly reality shows or the news and unless an interesting headline pops up I’m not paying any attention. I feel like the reason I’ve stopped watching television is because it isn’t entertaining anymore, like I don’t need to watch rich housewives yell at each other over glitter eyeshadow or watch celebrities compete for Donald Trump. Television shows should be like the old sitcoms, funny, dramatic, and scripted.
Since I haven’t been watching T.V. I spend a lot more time on the internet on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook or I go out. I have friends that are so wrapped up in these reality television shows that they plan their work schedules and nights out around them, that to me is ridiculous
. I can know every dramatic point in every popular T.V. show just by scrolling through my Twitter feed.
Television is suffering.

There have been more and more gimmicks to try and get people to watch (i.e. interactive gameshows, adding text voting to reality shows), but companies like Netflix are really giving television a hard time. On Netflix viewers can watch the old T.V. show seasons and even movies that aren’t shown on television.
T.V. needs to step it’s game up and revamp the sho
ws and movies it is broadcasting, each network should have more variety then just those annoying reality shows.



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