On [the media] – Fact Checking the End of the World

10 Dec

Mystery-of-the-Mayan-Calendar-RevealedThirty people a week ask a NASA scientist about the end of the world. Imagine being asked the same question over and over again? NASA scientist David Morrison has started to enjoy the “dooms day 2012 hoax”. Morrison has spent the past five years putting the rumor of the end of the world to rest by explaining that there is no scientific evidence or even Mayan history to back it up.

Morrison explains that it is mainly the people who are out of the technological loop that are more suspicious that they are being kept out of what is really going on. Those are the people who suspect that the U.S. government and NASA are hiding the end of the world. There are thousands of websites saying that the world is going to end and only a few saying that it isn’t. This just goes to show how important technology is and the effects it has over people worldwide.

I think I agree most with Morrison when he says, “I’m a little shocked by the number of young people who start from the premise that if it comes from the internet it must be true”. I’m shocked too, and kind of saddened by it.


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