Media vs. Physical Products

12 Dec

Media products arent always physically tangible, but nonetheless are still sellable ideas. Media products include advertising, music, movies, and text, they can be sold in a variety of ways and often times consumed imediately through the internet. Physical products are the everyday objects we use to function daily. Examples include food, clothes, and furniture. While the physical products are neccessary for life, the media products may have just become as important. As consumers there is not a day that goes by that we do not use or are not confronted with media and its products.

Owning a physical product company like for instance a tire company would be very different from owning a film company which is a media product. While both products need advertising, distribution, and production they are very different. No matter what the tires have to be physically distributed, but a film can be sent via the internet or only one copy has to be physically made and then just copied from there. Production would be different because tires would have to meet automotive standards while the film can vary depending on the rating its intended for. Advertising for both though has to be directed towards the target audience and can both be on tv, internet, etc.


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