The Company

12 Dec

I think for a company to truly be successful it first needs to make sure its employees are happy. If an employee is happy about doing their job they will do it better. I think first employees would need a good paycheck and regular bonuses for the work that they do, they would also need purpose and goals so the job doesn’t become boring. Responsibilities make an employee feel trusted and necessary and even a flexible schedule lets them know that you know they are capable of getting the work done at their own pace.

Since I shall be graduating in May I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to do and where I am going to work. A commercial company is appealing because they usually do pay more and have better benefits. At this point I feel ike whoever is willing to hire me and pay most (with health insurance) is my best bet. Being that the job market is so rough right now it would be silly to turn anything down and I am young enough to still have the flexibility to change career paths or just companies.

Three companies that I would love to work for are Google, Dreamworks Animation, and Apple. Apple has become one of the most desirable places for people in their twentys to work, it is the technology front-runner and its hip and laid back feel makes it appealing. Google was named by Forbes Magazine to be the number one company to work for. The company’s revenue, share price, profits, and hiring have all been on the rise. Dreamworks Animation’s CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is said to be one of the best bosses in the country because of his determination to keep all of his employees happy.


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