Business Plan Abstract

20 Dec

A corporation’s annual convention, event or trade show is often the business’ keystone and the most concrete confirmation of the organization’s value to its members. Often, this event is the association’s largest source of revenue and is important to the ongoing funding of its initiatives and activities.
Outside the Cubicle Events offers convention, event, exhibit, and trade show management as well as company holiday parties, employee appreciation events, and fundraisers. Corporations meet with our event planning professionals who represent a unique union of talent, experience and expertise.
Working closely with corporations’ leaders, Outside the Cubicle Events’ goal is to create an enjoyable and educational experience for attendees and sponsors while ensuring a successful outcome for the host corporation. Our convention and event professionals manage every event facet and detail, including:
• Logistics planning
• Budgeting
• Financial management and accounting
• Marketing and promotion
• Hotel negotiation and management
• Hotel room block management
• Onsite services
• Speaker and program management
• VIP/speaker care
• Supplier negotiation and management
• Contract negotiation
• Contractor management
• Reporting: ongoing and wrap-up
Outside the Cubicle Events is also leading the way in the Convention and Trade Show industry in planning and executing environmentally friendly meetings.


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