TED Talks- Mark Nolan: How to Separate Fact and Fiction Online

20 Dec

Mark Nolan has been a journalist for a long time that is interested in how we as an audience get the news. With the advancement of technology, the audience now has a way to get their news and reach their own opinions faster. Journalists need the audience now more than ever to see what is important and newsworthy, rather than just having their own judgment to trust. The speed in which news travels has greatly increased because of the internet and all of the cites dedicated to sharing. The source now is always under questioning because it is so easy to fabricate images and news. Because finding the source has become so important there have been more and more free internet cites created to be able to investigate and find the sources and check to see if they are even legitimate. Bottom line is that everything on the internet is not always true and there are now the tools to check it.


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