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TED Talks- Melissa Marshall: Talk Nerdy to Me

20 Dec

Melissa Marshall is a communications teacher asked to teach Penn State engineering students how to communicate the research they gather and the conclusions that they make. The issue is that these students find all this information and use such advanced jargon that is isolates them and keeps the information from being understood and shared. Marshall discusses different techniques she used to break down the barriers, and they actually seemed as though they’d be effective. My aunt is a neuro-scientist married to another scientist, we see them once a year and talk and catch up, but anything to do with their careers is a jumbled mess of confusion. The tips Marshall used on her students would work brilliantly on them.


TED Talks- Ryan Merkley: Online Video – Annotated, Remixed, and Popped

20 Dec

Ryan Merkley is giving a demonstration of a new program called “Popcorn”. The program takes different data and content from different websites and combines them with your video to be live and interactive. This program joins the active and always up to date internet websites to any video that you are making. The video will always be changing just as the internet does and so it will always be up to date, for example if you had a map in your video showing directions, but after construction the route has changed, Popcorn’s link to google maps is already adjusting just as the website does and so it is accurate and already linked to the original site.

TED Talks- Mark Nolan: How to Separate Fact and Fiction Online

20 Dec

Mark Nolan has been a journalist for a long time that is interested in how we as an audience get the news. With the advancement of technology, the audience now has a way to get their news and reach their own opinions faster. Journalists need the audience now more than ever to see what is important and newsworthy, rather than just having their own judgment to trust. The speed in which news travels has greatly increased because of the internet and all of the cites dedicated to sharing. The source now is always under questioning because it is so easy to fabricate images and news. Because finding the source has become so important there have been more and more free internet cites created to be able to investigate and find the sources and check to see if they are even legitimate. Bottom line is that everything on the internet is not always true and there are now the tools to check it.

Business Plan Abstract

20 Dec

A corporation’s annual convention, event or trade show is often the business’ keystone and the most concrete confirmation of the organization’s value to its members. Often, this event is the association’s largest source of revenue and is important to the ongoing funding of its initiatives and activities.
Outside the Cubicle Events offers convention, event, exhibit, and trade show management as well as company holiday parties, employee appreciation events, and fundraisers. Corporations meet with our event planning professionals who represent a unique union of talent, experience and expertise.
Working closely with corporations’ leaders, Outside the Cubicle Events’ goal is to create an enjoyable and educational experience for attendees and sponsors while ensuring a successful outcome for the host corporation. Our convention and event professionals manage every event facet and detail, including:
• Logistics planning
• Budgeting
• Financial management and accounting
• Marketing and promotion
• Hotel negotiation and management
• Hotel room block management
• Onsite services
• Speaker and program management
• VIP/speaker care
• Supplier negotiation and management
• Contract negotiation
• Contractor management
• Reporting: ongoing and wrap-up
Outside the Cubicle Events is also leading the way in the Convention and Trade Show industry in planning and executing environmentally friendly meetings.

Media vs. Physical Products

12 Dec

Media products arent always physically tangible, but nonetheless are still sellable ideas. Media products include advertising, music, movies, and text, they can be sold in a variety of ways and often times consumed imediately through the internet. Physical products are the everyday objects we use to function daily. Examples include food, clothes, and furniture. While the physical products are neccessary for life, the media products may have just become as important. As consumers there is not a day that goes by that we do not use or are not confronted with media and its products.

Owning a physical product company like for instance a tire company would be very different from owning a film company which is a media product. While both products need advertising, distribution, and production they are very different. No matter what the tires have to be physically distributed, but a film can be sent via the internet or only one copy has to be physically made and then just copied from there. Production would be different because tires would have to meet automotive standards while the film can vary depending on the rating its intended for. Advertising for both though has to be directed towards the target audience and can both be on tv, internet, etc.

The Company

12 Dec

I think for a company to truly be successful it first needs to make sure its employees are happy. If an employee is happy about doing their job they will do it better. I think first employees would need a good paycheck and regular bonuses for the work that they do, they would also need purpose and goals so the job doesn’t become boring. Responsibilities make an employee feel trusted and necessary and even a flexible schedule lets them know that you know they are capable of getting the work done at their own pace.

Since I shall be graduating in May I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to do and where I am going to work. A commercial company is appealing because they usually do pay more and have better benefits. At this point I feel ike whoever is willing to hire me and pay most (with health insurance) is my best bet. Being that the job market is so rough right now it would be silly to turn anything down and I am young enough to still have the flexibility to change career paths or just companies.

Three companies that I would love to work for are Google, Dreamworks Animation, and Apple. Apple has become one of the most desirable places for people in their twentys to work, it is the technology front-runner and its hip and laid back feel makes it appealing. Google was named by Forbes Magazine to be the number one company to work for. The company’s revenue, share price, profits, and hiring have all been on the rise. Dreamworks Animation’s CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is said to be one of the best bosses in the country because of his determination to keep all of his employees happy.

Genealogy- Dallas Cowboys

12 Dec


The National Football League is broken down into franchises, every team has different owners and companies within that franchise. The Dallas Cowboys were established in 1960 and as of September 5, 2012, Forbes Magazine named it the highest valued sports franchis in the history of the United States and second in the world, with an estimated value of approximately $2.1 billion.

The first owner of the Dallas franchise was a man named Clint Murchinson Jr. who started the franchise after realizing there was no football team south of Washington D.C. at the time. In 1984, H.R. “Bum” Bright purchased the Dallas Cowboys after the team had suffered through worse and worse seasons. When the team performance continued to fall, Bright suffered from the Savings and Loan Crisis which was the failure of about 747 out of the 3,234 savings and loans associations in the U.S., and his savings and loans were taken over by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. With the Cowboys losing more and more games, the FSLIC forced Bright to sell the Cowboys to Jerry Jones on February 15, 1989. The Cowboys performance steadily grew and in 1992 set a team record for regular season wins with 13-3.
In reccent years the performance of the team has again been on the decline. Many fans have began to blame Jones for the teams downfalls, claiming he refuses to hire strong coaches and general managers so that he could micro-manage the team. So perhaps a new owner of the Dallas Cowboys is coming soon!

Twitter Bot

12 Dec

Who would’ve thought that internet is now creating human-computer interaction? That’s right, if you are getting random e-mails, Facebook friend requests, and Twitter responses they don’t always have to be human. Bots are taking over the internet and connecting people, bringing about trends, and finding out what the people think is news.

This really is just funny to me. Like, what will the world wide web do next? Bots are another way to measure internet activity and manipulate

On [the media] – Fact Checking the End of the World

10 Dec

Mystery-of-the-Mayan-Calendar-RevealedThirty people a week ask a NASA scientist about the end of the world. Imagine being asked the same question over and over again? NASA scientist David Morrison has started to enjoy the “dooms day 2012 hoax”. Morrison has spent the past five years putting the rumor of the end of the world to rest by explaining that there is no scientific evidence or even Mayan history to back it up.

Morrison explains that it is mainly the people who are out of the technological loop that are more suspicious that they are being kept out of what is really going on. Those are the people who suspect that the U.S. government and NASA are hiding the end of the world. There are thousands of websites saying that the world is going to end and only a few saying that it isn’t. This just goes to show how important technology is and the effects it has over people worldwide.

I think I agree most with Morrison when he says, “I’m a little shocked by the number of young people who start from the premise that if it comes from the internet it must be true”. I’m shocked too, and kind of saddened by it.


25 Oct