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TED Talks- Melissa Marshall: Talk Nerdy to Me

20 Dec

Melissa Marshall is a communications teacher asked to teach Penn State engineering students how to communicate the research they gather and the conclusions that they make. The issue is that these students find all this information and use such advanced jargon that is isolates them and keeps the information from being understood and shared. Marshall discusses different techniques she used to break down the barriers, and they actually seemed as though they’d be effective. My aunt is a neuro-scientist married to another scientist, we see them once a year and talk and catch up, but anything to do with their careers is a jumbled mess of confusion. The tips Marshall used on her students would work brilliantly on them.


TED Talks- Ryan Merkley: Online Video – Annotated, Remixed, and Popped

20 Dec

Ryan Merkley is giving a demonstration of a new program called “Popcorn”. The program takes different data and content from different websites and combines them with your video to be live and interactive. This program joins the active and always up to date internet websites to any video that you are making. The video will always be changing just as the internet does and so it will always be up to date, for example if you had a map in your video showing directions, but after construction the route has changed, Popcorn’s link to google maps is already adjusting just as the website does and so it is accurate and already linked to the original site.

TED Talks- Mark Nolan: How to Separate Fact and Fiction Online

20 Dec

Mark Nolan has been a journalist for a long time that is interested in how we as an audience get the news. With the advancement of technology, the audience now has a way to get their news and reach their own opinions faster. Journalists need the audience now more than ever to see what is important and newsworthy, rather than just having their own judgment to trust. The speed in which news travels has greatly increased because of the internet and all of the cites dedicated to sharing. The source now is always under questioning because it is so easy to fabricate images and news. Because finding the source has become so important there have been more and more free internet cites created to be able to investigate and find the sources and check to see if they are even legitimate. Bottom line is that everything on the internet is not always true and there are now the tools to check it.

Twitter Bot

12 Dec

Who would’ve thought that internet is now creating human-computer interaction? That’s right, if you are getting random e-mails, Facebook friend requests, and Twitter responses they don’t always have to be human. Bots are taking over the internet and connecting people, bringing about trends, and finding out what the people think is news.

This really is just funny to me. Like, what will the world wide web do next? Bots are another way to measure internet activity and manipulate


25 Oct

Advertising & Branding

25 Oct

Advertisements are EVERYWHERE. When you wake up in the morning and read the paper they are there, turn on the T.V. and you are bombarded, and even walking through campus to class there are flags on the light posts exclaiming that Ramapo College is “Pushing Forward”. Advertisements are meant to inspire the consumer to BUY BUY BUY. They are strategically placed, worded, and distributed so that the key consumer pays attention and is convinced that whatever it is a product or service that they need. Right now all I want is a new car so every advertisement that shows a shiny white convertible BMW is enough to make me drool. That is good advertising, making the consumer hunger for the product. But if I wasn’t in the market for a car I would care less about these ads, this is why they have to be so wide spread, to reach the small demographics of the people most interested.


Branding is making a product or service a household name. It is instilling trust and value on a product that a consumer believes in. When a product fails it is up to the brand to make it up to the consumer or else fear that all of their sales will drop because the brand encompasses everything they produce. Unlike advertising the brand isn’t searching out new consumers, it is trying to hold onto the ones it already has.

“You Need To Get Off Facebook”

8 Feb


6:10 may be too long for the attention spam of some, but it is totally worth it. After watching this video I seriously debated deleting my Facebook, but of course the lure of looking at everyone else’s personal life has me hooked!